Color Combiner v


Type: Desktop Application

  • Target users: Web Developers, Web Designers, Desktop Application Designers, Mobile App Designers, Artist, Painter, Poster Designer, Graphics designer etc.

This a simple tool for Application and Web page designers. Color combination is the most crucial part of designing UI. Using Color Combiner, designers would be able to choose color for background, foreground, text etc. in a very convenient way.
A possible set of DIV(supposed) and text has been embedded in tool. A div or text can be selected by checking the checkbox, and then setting its color using R G B trackbars.
List of few popular colors have been also included and an RGB Cube has been included to let the designer know the possible colors mixtures.

Please redistribute this tool
  • If you an artist who deploy hard designs, please convert RGB values to CMYK patters (RGB combinations are not directly applicable to pigments color that artist use in painting)

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